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    The Japanese military general staff always likes to commit crimes from bottom to top. When causing trouble, everyone is an expert. If management is a little looser, problems will arise.

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    "From now on, all of you must cheer me on in my work. The Secret Service must demonstrate its combat effectiveness. This department must closely supervise all secret service agencies of the Japanese army." This, and don't be negligent one bit! Once you have a first time There will be a second time, and I must destroy the hidden dangers in the cradle at an early stage."

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    "It's up to you to decide whether to go or not, but I want to advise you, don't take these assets and power too seriously. Living is the most important thing. The Anqing General Assembly will not be able to function without you."

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    Xu Ruiyang sent a telegram to the Jiangcheng Special Department, asking the search team to urgently go to Mi Tuo town first. This is an important town on the border between Hubei province and Anhui province, very easy to spy on. this morning is sure to spark a lot of discussion, which then expands the search to the surrounding area.

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    Army Minister Nagatsu Sabijo and Gendarmerie Commander Shigeru Oki respectively issued strict orders to subordinate agencies and secret police agencies around the Dabie Mountains to immediately send people to Taihu district to search for the plane. .

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    He then sent a telegram to Boss Dai, informing the command of the mobilized troops that a military meeting would be held, which would end on the 18th, and then the Japanese 11th Army would launched an attack on the Dabie Mountains.

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    Boss Dai guarded China like he guarded against robbers. He was afraid that something big would happen in the future, so Tu Due Duong decided to let the opponent suffer a little, using currency as an invisible weapon to fight.

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    Brother, I know that between your Haichang Trading Company and the area controlled by the Kuomintang, the main goods used to exchange strategic materials were cotton and yarn, but on January 20, the government Jinling and North China signed the third phase of the Pengcheng Materials Exchange Agreement, the fourth phase was signed on February 12, and the same agreement was signed with Haizhou on the 12th. In March, the amount of cotton fabric and cotton yarn may be a bit scarce, you have to stock up early. Chen Gongbo said.

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    "Mainly related to the secret mission of counterfeiting China Reserve Bank Banknotes. Zhou Fuhai can inform us in advance about the pattern, anti-counterfeit design and code number of the banknote. This story regarding the funding of the Military Control Department for a long period of time in the future. I decided to personally catch it."

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    Ever since he heard that the mansion faction was overwhelming Zhou Fuhai, he had an idea. As a high-ranking politician and an expert at adapting to the wind, Chu Fuhai would never rely on a broken ship with no direction, but he would not go near the underground party. From the beginning he was a traitor so he definitely wanted to step onto another boat.

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    It turns out that the new organization formed by these Japanese spies is called the Nishida Squad, led by Jiro Nishida and Renji Kawaguchi, a senior officer and a mid-level officer, and my understanding of This new organization has grown a bit.

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    Shen Boyang hesitated for a few seconds, but he still made up his mind, and it was time to confess some things, even if he didn't say it out loud, with Sirius' wisdom and strategy, he might not know what there.

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    But the problem is that he is very far from Guan Dong, the Manguo puppet army, and Tu Rui Duong is mainly in the North Central China government, and does not directly interact with outside officials, so he really can't do it. provide any resources.

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    Hua Nhan Co immediately stopped talking. He also knew that if he said that, he would definitely be scolded by his ancestors of eighteen generations. If he really went to Central Chau to report such news, it is estimated that he would not. being beaten alive by angry agents Death is being shot in the dark.

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    "Information fees are divided into two types. One is the usual information fees you see now, mostly low-status government employees, small police, patrols in concessions, officers low-ranking military officers, small gang leaders, etc., and they receive monthly from us. The salary, also known as full-time informants, is mainly calculated based on quantity and quality quality of intelligence."

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    They engaged in smuggling and purchased goods from the empire's textile merchants in Shanghai. Here is another news source. Furthermore, they settled with the merchants at low prices, and they were owed money for the goods. They borrowed goods in the name of the military department, which aroused the suspicions of these merchants. Dissatisfied, unable to keep absolute secrets in this situation, what kind of naive thinking is this? Xu Ruiyang said with a smile.

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    This organization was the product of the entire operation of the Mei Agency through the strategies of the Japanese government and military. It can be said that with only the Qingxiang Committee, Li Shiqun would be able to monopolize the territory of Suzhou province and became its own independent kingdom. .

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    With a beautiful girl like Wu Yimei, she was born to lower people's vigilance, which is why Shen Boyang chose her to take the first step of action. If a man walks in and wants to silently kill the concierge, things may not be so simple.

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    A telegram was sent to Sirius, and a reply soon followed.

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    After returning home, he developed the photos of Japanese spies taken by the Secret Service and the Intelligence Bureau, selected a group of twelve spies who had left before, packed them in kraft paper bags, wrapped them with a layer of tarpaulin and then placed them in the cargo. He then reported the incident to Boss Dai.

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    Shen Boyang used this method to grasp the operations of the entire station of Henan province in the shortest time. He also had to arrange and summarize the situation, then return to the Shanghai stock market to report reported to Xu Ruiyang.

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    The chief accountant is Tang Yueqian, a sharp and capable senior accountant, always working in the management department of the Military Command headquarters, his important task at the Central level is to supervise the use of Use funds for verification and write-off.

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    According to statistics, Fengyang's cultivation area is 2,000 acres, Huaiyuan's is 900 acres, Su County's is 12,000 acres, Chao County's is 13,400 acres, and Lu's. reached 23,400 mu!

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    After Shen Boyang left Xu Ruiyang's residence, he returned to the temporary contact point, entered his private room, counted the amount of money and gold bars that should be rewarded, then called Cheng Muhe into the room, the two secretly talk for half an hour. Then, the two people went into the living room to announce the district chief's order, which immediately caused everyone present to cheer.

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    He did not know that this was Ruan Qingyuan's arbitrary act of ignoring Shangfeng, which upset Xu Ruiyang and made people in China extremely dissatisfied with Ruan Qingyuan, despite Dai Xingbing's coordination but it doesn't work. There are many reasons in the Central region to refuse to help the Loyalist and National Salvation Army.

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    The provincial chairman of a province is not the general secretary of the Qingxiang Commission, nor the minister of investigation and statistics, nor the director of the secret service headquarters.