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    Before leaving the starport, he had loaded the entire giant spaceship with too much breath. The breath energy used by this spaceship was a block of metal one cubic meter in size, the liquid breath was hidden in a block of metal, usually coming from It is said that just by placing these metal blocks in the energy compartment, the operator will feel the existence of these things, when needing to replace energy, they can Direct replacement. As for Vuong Han's original plans and plans, he did not bring any means of entertainment, the entire spaceship was filled with too many metal blocks, after initial calculations, this spaceship had can continue to fly farther than tens of millions of years, even Since it can directly reach 50 million years, this is completely possible.

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    Cetaphil hasn't figured out her talent yet. Even if she directly displays the Black Fire talent in front of her, she still won't be able to guess it. Then Vuong Han will do his own thing in the future. She's here. left to continue Devour research in the golden biome. The remaining work that Vuong Han did was relatively simple. After turning into Kim To's person, he discovered that he had an additional Kim To's badge on his arm, which looked like a yellow skull. It's the original second emblem, the emblem hasn't moved at all. From this point of view, the golden flame and the black flame seem to have no conflict? I don't know the details, if I really find out the black fire talent of the golden group and summon the black fire again, I may have some understanding of it.

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    But it also reminded them of someone, this person's name was Nuo Qianjin... This girl had not appeared before everyone's eyes for countless years, so much so that Feng Shuyi didn't even hear Nuo Qianjin when she searched. like this. Any related news is as simple as Vuong Han that year, he left as soon as he spoke, and there is such a situation that I can't find it at all. Of course, Nuo Qianjin had absolutely no problem. In someone else's world, more than 700,000 years had passed, which was already a relatively long period of time, but from her point of view, time had just passed. It's been only four or five days. Four or five days is very long... It's not long at all, so now Nuo Qianjin has docked at the edge of the starport of the previous planet, and things will continue to be done. But now I'm hungry, let's go eat something first, eat some hot pot, then continue wandering around, anyway, the current situation will be 30 days ago, if after 30 days there is still no way to find Vuong. Han, "Then let's go to the sanctuary group to check the situation! I don't know where Ms. Shuyi and the others are... And I don't even know where Hanhhan is now, it's as if he disappeared , and I can't find it..."

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    She is not the owner of this planet, so even though their family has a great career, in this case, they cannot violate the rules set by their family, especially this kind of public violation. will have a negative impact on regulations. set by them, somehow loose, this is harming others but not benefiting yourself. The application was quickly approved, and Isabelle directly arrived inside this unknown planet, a small city, this was a standard product produced by the factory, without any background, it appeared from nowhere. Likewise, as for the person who greeted her, "it was definitely Cetaphil. She received an application from Isabelle, then went to look for Wang Han. It happened that Wang Han had consumed all the pre-purchased materials." There, after agreeing, Yi Sabelle was let in.

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    He had not been to Tinh Hai for long, and had never had a clear concept of his strength when compared horizontally, but now through the golden biome, he discovered that it was a shining weight, an A .weight to measure overall strength. As for Charles, if he knew Vuong Han's thoughts, he would probably be a little surprised, because this kind of thing is impossible to happen, or he doesn't know why the other person has such thoughts, obviously. is prone to fighting. , is not exactly like the character that Vuong Han will portray.

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    So the result they chose to be generous was to sacrifice themselves. If the surrounding air was not enough, those old planets exploded directly. In the Star Sea area, these stars kept exploding. often, the more prosperous the region, the less. The number of these star explosions, they are like trees filled with water, absorbing water faster when the rainy season comes, when the dry season comes, and the dry season comes, why does he directly deal with his own life himself and cultivate some unknown planet around him?

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    An Kha calmed down and was surprised. She knew she shouldn't ask Vuong Han why he wanted to kill that guy. She answered directly in her heart: "Yes, he came to our planet about two hours ago." Thousands of years after you left, after asking, we learned that he came to look for you, but now you are not here." this place, and this waiting has lasted thousands of years, often sitting motionless on a chair. This stool..."

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    Isabelle thought very clearly that according to her father, even if she hadn't experienced that event herself, Rojas would have been fierce and strong! So what group will destroy the Roja people in this state... so that the Roja people have a population of over a billion people, and now it seems like there aren't many people... This is almost the Extermination Blow far beyond battles between multiple groups. After all, even battles between groups follow the concept of leaving no one alive. On the one hand, to be merciful is to consider that deed considered inhumane, on the other hand, it is to give the other side a life, just to make your own group prepared for danger in times of peace, to the other party gradually developing to an unattainable height, and using a completely high attitude to make the other party submit, is a double victory.

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    "YES." Thinking for a moment, Keles opened the mobile light screen on his arm, and then three spaceships appeared on the light screen. “These three spaceships are all aviation system products, or their group of products. The product has always had a good reputation, and at the same time the breath point consumption is relatively small, the more breath points are saved... because the breath point consumption is very important, or sometimes Buying a spaceship is not a big deal. a particularly difficult one, but it is a matter of high investment in the later stages to make the spacecraft move anytime, anywhere and run at full capacity."

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    The starry sky I saw before was the structure that made up the coat of arms. Those are the small bright dots that make up the entire coat of arms, they begin to pulse steadily with the entire coat of arms... So if I had had such an idea then, I shouldn't have started from the points small inside this talent, I should try to expand the entire perspective to observe this coat of arms, as long as I control the beating law of this coat of arms. then all the little points on this badge, I can clearly see the position of the ball of light every second. me to do this, and I can't hold my whole body. The badge beats at such a high frequency at the same time, it is impossible to memorize lines consisting of so many small points of light at once, so I had no way to do that and individuals from biomes Other creatures can't do this, so people just When you're first exposed to this kind of thing, the work you do is basically the same. It's just that one person's soul is a little stronger, it's just that one person's soul is a little weaker, in essence, they all find corresponding values in these numbers 1234, to a certain degree. determined, they are all fragile existences, I can now do such things with my soul power because I have absorbed the remnants of 1.3 billion Roa. I can not do that. I still need to take it step by step to get to this path. Fortunately, I am not silent in collecting talents for other biomes. Otherwise, if I did not care about anything and did nothing, then I would come right now, I just a slightly stronger character. If I really met me at this time, I wouldn't be able to last a second, I would be directly crushed by my absolute soul power."

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    Temporarily can't see anything appearing. Gan Qian said curiously, she had never experienced what just happened. If she really had any fear, she wouldn't have any. In her eyes, this was a very, very familiar place. It's clean, and it's no different from a human's living room." , I still felt that my eyes were still dark.

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    Okay, first take me to a certain plane, our golden system has something to do! Vuong Han ordered.

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    "Because I'm pregnant..." Diep Lam buried his head even more. When he said the last two words, his voice was very, very soft. There is no such thing as a person who can control another person's heart. temples. Have a spirit of integrity.

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    After listening, Vuong Han suddenly remembered something, that is, when he came here, he did not detect any strange breath here, or now he feels like Cetaphil, before he came. Here, except for seeing many people on the ground, he did not feel the existence of these people's souls at all. It was just a long-term conditioned reflex that made him feel, when he saw other people, other people are real. , now that I think about it, this whole planet is like a terrible wax museum, with no signs of survival! Everything seems to be the same...

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    After she said these words, Vuong Han's body also trembled. As expected, just like Tham Nguyet Kha said, they are one. Vuong Han makes this choice today, tomorrow Tham Nguyet Kha will not know, he I will also choose to save myself. everybody. After all, from Wang Han's perspective, he didn't know that he had always been in the enemy's sights, and he didn't even know that his action to save the opponent would directly cost the opponent's soul. evaporate. directly torn apart, killing others all the way! But now that things have happened, talking about this issue obviously has no meaning at this time, the most important thing is to find a way to solve the difficult situation at hand.

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    After the ninth chain was finally killed, Wang Han went to the entire planet again, but he was surprised to find that there were no living creatures left on the entire planet, including the body of his previous self. Everything disappeared, including the flowers and grass on the ground. Along the roadside, cats and dogs, all disappeared, the city was gone, man-made traces were gone, it seemed like nothing had ever happened to this place. And this is the same in the eyes of Cetaphil next to this planet, she finally completed this group of swallowing abilities, this is a very difficult thing, or she did not expect it. This took so many years of her time, but now that she has finally absorbed the swallowing talent, she can finally have some effect.

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    "So why did I meet them... I wouldn't be that stupid to face them, right? There are millions of opponents, but I am one." Vuong Han asked suspiciously.

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    Previously, Vuong Han acted as if he didn't understand anything, but now looking back, it seems like he understands a bit.

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    "Bizarre." Vuong Han doesn't understand what's going on right now. He doesn't know much about this type of spaceship. He has been very lonely all his life, and then he went towards the energy storage location. Let's go, at the same time asking the system about energy one after another, the answer is that the spacecraft itself has no problem, the spacecraft engine still has a lifespan of 100, the spacecraft's external defense module still has a lifespan 99%. These damages to the outside of the spacecraft are still based on the basis of no energy and no repair. If there is no problem with the energy source, as long as there is no immediate heavy loss, the spacecraft will still be damaged. Back with a completely new look. So, Vuong Han can confirm one thing: the spacecraft has no problem, there is an energy problem, go and observe what happens in the energy storage.

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    Vuong Han directly attacked, just for the benefit of Encore and the others, really don't think that the others rushed past the elves and then returned home, that would be ridiculous. But Vuong Han was thinking too much, An Khach and the others simply didn't have this level of thinking... Impossible, they had only been here for more than a year, and they had probably figured it out after more than a year. Nam understands the logic of this place's operation, even if his feet touch the ground, they are not that stupid, especially now that they know clearly that they come from a poor background, they will not act rashly. so instead of saying that 28 of them will form a group to go to the elf group, it would be more reliable to say that 28 of them will form a group to operate a cargo spaceship ...

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    However, as a crew member of a spaceship, Shen Yueke obviously realized that there was no way to escape this kind of escape in the end, under the pressure of his powerful talent. opponent, it was only a matter of time before he was destroyed. and if it appeared in other people's memories, there would be a risk of being erased, so she chose to leave her soul here alone without anyone knowing, the purpose was to resist, and the way to resist again trying to make herself understand time and space in the galaxy fragrant something in the rift, this idea is very bold and decisive.