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    "Under the name of smuggling cigarettes to the area controlled by the Kuomintang's Shancheng government, we secretly organized personnel to sell to gangs or large tobacco stores in the occupied areas, and We can raise a large amount of money in a short period of time." a period of time to maintain our smuggling business. Kawaguchi Jun, you are truly worthy of being an elite agent of the empire, an instructor of the Nakano School, this method is very good! "Nishida Jiro said with a smile.

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    This is an experienced and cunning guy. We cannot underestimate his professional instincts. When in danger, he will often save himself. If you want to reissue a transportation license, it will take ten and a half months. Wait another week, when he gets irritated and loses his guard, he will order the action team to take action." "People in Dong Nguyen foreign trade, when he leaves, he will definitely bring someone to protect him, there are not many people, poison dogs to death, try to knock people unconscious, set up a robbery scene, look for him. Mang All your stuff out, I think it'll be a lot of money. Xu Ruiyang said.

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    "Goto Zhonghe, you have interfered with my meaning without permission, which has caused serious negative effects. Is this how you treat my trust? I agree with you to conduct an investigation. If someone reported it, it was for the benefit of the investigation empire. Did I ever tell you to detain Xu Ruiyang and seal the Haichang Trading Company Not yet?" Hata Toshiroku said coldly.

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    Staying away and refusing in secret is not impossible, but there is really no need to use murderous intent for this. This is the wrong way to do it. The opponent is also following the Big Boss's instructions. If this person tells stories behind his back, it's a different story, secret agents don't care about their lives!